DSLR film making Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Beginning to shoot film on your DSLR?

This tutorial goes over some practical tips on creating a cinematic look with your DSLR footage in Premiere Pro.

In this video I cover the basic camera settings to achieve a popular style and some effective editing techniques in Premiere Pro. To begin with have a read of the comments some much more qualified people have shared their useful tips.

You can also use a neutral density filter to reduce amount of light entering the camera. This will allow you to shoot with a wide aperture in bright daylight while keeping the exposure correct.

You could overlay an image with black bars to make a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Some filmmakers suggested it’s better to make the project with the correct ratio so that film display better on ultra-widescreen.

You can change this in the composition settings or in the export settings in premiere – for 1080p footage. The resolution will then be 1920×810 pixels (rather than 1920×1080).