Bing’s mobile website updated with focus on browsing news on the go

Bing Blogs have posted a post today outlining many improvements that have been made to Bing’s mobile web page. The main improvements noted by the Bing team are that news stories have been shortened with a focus on video and photographs. They highlight that whilst using our mobile we may not have time to read long articles but instead get “everything you need to know on a hot topic – at a glance.”

Bing Blogs:

On the Bing homepage, we show all the topics and news that are trending on the web. Now, with just one click, you’ll get a rich, diverse and in-depth experience with the trending news headlines, images and opinions on a topic – all right there on the results page.

The Bing team say they have worked to make all the hot topics on the web readily available at the bottom of the Bing homepage. Dragging up from the bottom of the Bing homepage will reveal all of the most recent and most popular news in your region. Clicking on a story will now bring you to a number of different sources of that story as well as allowing you browse a gallery of photos related to that particular story. The Bing Blogs team outline that this new webpage layout allows readers to browse news at a glance but also see, read or watch stories if they want a richer experience on mobile.


Source: Bing’s mobile website updated with focus on browsing news on the go