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NUVE Marketplace Management

We can help with eBay, Amazon, Catch, and Google Shop, to get your products in front of the right customer, in the top 10 search results, at the right time, and on the right device.
Increase Return on Investment (ROI), increase revenue and reduce costs.
Providing solutions for posting and managing products on the Marketplace platforms.

With our fully managed Marketplace solution, you can relax knowing that your product listings campaigns are being optimised by a team of expert professionals.

Marketplace Management allows you to significantly increase your turnover thanks to easier and faster management of all your marketplace accounts.


Special Plugins Maintenance Plans

Website plugin maintenance has the potential to influence your company’s initial impressions, SEO strategy, security, and sales. Whether you’re running a website or an online business store, you’ll need to make sure that visitors and search engines will be able to quickly profit from what your site has to offer, or you risk losing them. Consequently, the management of your website plugins will have a major impact on your capacity to control and maintain online attention.

However, if you neglect routine plugin maintenance for a very long time, your site can suffer as a result. Your website will start to perform slowly, lose converting leads, likely contain malware, and get hacked, all of which will harm anyone who clicks on it. Even worse, it might completely stop running and potentially lose the full website contents.

Maintenance Plan

1 Account Listings, 2 Account Listings, 3 Account Listings, 1 Plugin Maintenance, 2 Plugins Maintenance, 5 Plugins Maintenance