Focus Modes: Unleash The Power Of Your Sony a77 mark 2

This is the introductory chapter of the detailed premium channel segment on the Sony a77 mark 2

Showing every feature and detail of the Sony a77 mark 2 and what Gary Fong’s recommended settings are.

Sony a77 mark 2
Among what is covered is the “12” fps mode (which fixes the camera’s aperture but let’s ISO and Shutter speed vary to capture correct exposure while maintaining speed) as well as the new locking focus variable flexible spot mode.

Although Sony stresses that the A77 II shouldn’t be compared to pro-grade cameras because it’s much less expensive, it is starting to gain the kinds of specifications that – at least on paper – suggest it could be capable of punching considerably above its weight. For instance, the improvements to the A77 II’s autofocus system extend a long way beyond the focus sensor itself.

The Mark II gains a range of subject identifying technologies that Sony has introduced in recent models. As such, it offers Eye-AF, rather than just face detection. It also gains the most advanced version of ‘Lock-On AF’ that we’ve yet seen, which will allow you to specify an off-center starting AF point. Previously most Sony’s assumed your subject was the thing at the center of the frame, when you started tracking.

Sony SLT-A77 II key specifications:

  • 24MP CMOS Sensor with gapless, offset microlenses
  • 12fps continuous shooting with autofocus (up to 60 JPEGs)
  • 79 point AF module with 15 cross-type AF points, covering 40% of frame
  • Increased control over AF behavior
  • 1080p60 movies with autofocus
  • Audio level, monitoring during movie shooting
  • 2.4M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Pull-out three-hinge tilt/swivel 1.23m dot White Magic LCD screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • 1/8000th maximum shutter speed, shutter rated for 150,000 actuations
  • ISO 100 – 25,600 (Extendable down to 50, and up to 51,200 with multi-image combination)
  • Auto ISO customization
  • Optional, profile-based correction of vignetting, chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion
  • Top panel LCD
  • Stereo microphone and external mic socket
  • AF Micro Adjust