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Product content is an investment that improves sales and marginProduct Photography


It almost goes without saying that if a customer can find what they are looking for and have confidence in their purchase, they are more likely to make that purchase. It would go without saying, yet many web sites miss this most basic of things. Product content is fundamental to both helping customers find products and then provide the necessary information to help them feel confident it satisfies their needs. All the different types of product content contribute to the online customer experience. In combination they have a powerful effect on conversion rate, making your marketing dollars more efficient.


If your web site has poor product content, then price becomes even more dominant as the reason why customers choose to buy from you. Customers are less likely to buy from you if you are more expensive, but because they are satisfied in other ways, such as through great product content speaking authoritatively about your products. Poor product content also makes it harder to sell the higher customer value add products which often require more explanation. These biases will have a negative impact on margin.

Multi Channel

Product content is also an enabler for multi channel and can be used across all customer touchpoints to drive improved engagement, conversion rate and an overall better experience for customers. Quality product content enables:

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